About Awelani

Awelani is a Northern Kruger National Park Lodge, set in a 1000 ha Eco-Park, offering self-catering accommodation near Pafuri Gate. The lodge has chalets, safari tents, as well as a camping site and an on-site restaurant and pub. Awelani is ideally situated for day visitors to Kruger National Park’s northern section accessed from Pafuri Gate, cross-border travellers and those visiting the northern parts of Limpopo – indeed a great tourists attraction.


Rain: Awelani is in a summer rainfall region, with the rains starting in October, and generally finishing in March. The winters are usually dry.

Temperature: Summers are generally hot and wet, with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees at night to the mid-to-high 30’s during the day. Humidity can be quite high.  Winters are temperate, with the temperature range from 10 degrees at night to midday high of the mid-20s